Your Library Account

Courtesy of the the Boston Public Library Archives

Did you know that you can set up your own library account?  Everyone is able to take books out and avail themselves of many library services, but if you set up a personalized account within our system, you are able to do some very cool additional things.  With a personalize account, you can:

  1. Put a hold on a book.  Make sure that you get that copy of the hottest new piece of fiction or that much needed book for a research paper the moment it comes back into the library.
  2. Review books.  Many of you hold strong opinions on how good (or not) the latest book you read is.  Share your thoughts with others by writing a brief review to encourage or discourage others to read the book.
  3. Create a resource list.  Do you want to create a list of books to read?  How about organize your research on a topic?  The creation of resource lists allows you to put all of the books, online database articles, and web sites of use in one place.  You can even create bibliographies for inclusion in your papers!

Personalizing your account is extremely easy.  Head to the Library Catalogue home page.  Click on “Create Account” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.  Enter your last name and bar code – students, your bar code is your student number; staff – you will need to see the library to get yours.  Create a username and password that you will remember and you are off to the races!

A future blog post will detail how to go about using your new features!

As always, please ask a library staff member if you have any questions about anything.  Yes, anything!


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