Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another great year at St. George’s.  We’re as excited as you about a year of new beginnings and hoping that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to make the Library your’s this year.  We are here to help you succeed in your coursework and to help you expand your reading horizons.  Please take advantage of the Library staff.  Ask for help and make suggestions.  We are always looking for ways to help you better, whether it be improving existing services or adding new ones.  Recommend your favourite book or simply tell us what you’re reading.  Ask us for information on whatever projects you might be working on.  If we don’t have something, we will try to get it or put you in touch with somewhere else that has it.

We would encourage you to get to know the Library staff.  Mr. Crompton has moved to full time in the Library and is now teaching Library Skills 8.  Mrs. Dahlberg is a wealth of information and knows our collection better than anyone.  We are also excited to welcome Mr. Morris to our staff.

Mr. Ryan Morris besides being a trained Library Technician and published author of fiction, is also the husband of our Mrs. Heather Morris.  Mr. Morris enjoys graphic novels, is an experienced animator and avid hockey fan.  Please welcome him to the school and maybe take a moment to check out his book (Molt) which is part of our collection.  If you are a fan of Douglas Coupland or Chuck Palahnuk, you will enjoy (Molt).


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