New Books for Teachers

A number of new books have recently come into the Library for teachers.  What teachers at St. George’s may or may not know is that we have a constantly changing collection of titles aimed at the teaching profession.

Highlights include Teaching the iGeneration by Ferriter and Garry.  The book focuses on the areas of information fluency, persuasion, communication, collaboration and problem solving.  The authors approach technology in the classroom and attempt to answer the big questions around use and assessment.  A number of pages are designed to be copied and used and assessment rubrics or actual assignments for the class.

Also new is Teaching the Digital Generation: No More Cookie-Cutter High Schools by Kelly, McCain and Jukes.  This book looks at new models for teaching and learning and how we can restructure the learning environment to accommodate differentiated learning styles, and approaches.  Detailed models are developed with thoughts on physical layout and timetabling around different kinds of high-schools with different goals and focuses.

Both of these books refer to accompanying web sites.

Also new and interesting are Tuned Out: Engaging the 21st Century Learner by Karen Hume and Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning by Doug Buehl.

Drop by and see what else we have!


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