I love free books!

Like any good bibliophile, I love when free books come my way.  And this has never been easier now that there is an abundance of open-source books available on the internet.  The majority of open-source books are classics or unknowns, such as those found on Project Gutenberg, which now has a Canadian site full of Canadian authors as well as American and European!  If you like free books, and you want to read a few more books by Canadians about Canadian places (such as Kamloops!) then check out Project Gutenberg Canada!  These books are available in a variety of formats, allowing for easy download.  However, if you are wanting to get some of these free books for your Kindle, or iPad, then you will need to wait a little bit longer for PGC to catch up to its father site.

There are also a number of current authors who are offering their books for free download.  This is due to a belief among some authors that if you offer your first book for free, people will read it… and they may love it… which leads to more book sales later down the line.  I think that this is a smart way to advertise your books, especially if it is a series. And let me tell you.. it works.  I downloaded Novik’s first book in the Temeraire series, His Majesty’s Dragon, for free on my Kindle.  I loved it so much I ended up buying the entire series!  Here is another author who has let his book loose on the web. I have done a post on Cory before, so check that post out if you want a little more info on this amazing author!

Cory Doctorow – Little Brother


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