John Gray @ SGSS tomorrow @ Lunch!!!

This week is the highlight of our year here in the library.  It is the time of year that we get to bring in an author to speak to the boys about the writing process, publishing, their book… or the geography of BC if they feel the need.

And the reason that this is the highlight for us (who deal with books as a career), is that we are continually being exposed to new authors.  Like John Gray.  I have never heard of him before this year.  But am I ever EXCITED to hear him talk tomorrow about his play Billy Bishop Goes To War!  This two man show is one of Canada’s gems about another one of Canada’s real-life gems Billy Bishop, a WWI & WWII flying ace.

During its popularity in the 1980s, it had showings in Edinburgh, Los Angeles and London (although it was first performed in Vancouver in the late ’70s). It had a brief appearance on Broadway in the ’80s as well, although it didn’t quite take to the Big Apple.

For those of you who are into the drama scene, check out John Gray in the library on Wednesday at lunch hour.  For more information on John Gray click HERE

Eric Peterson performing as Billy Bishop











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