the perks of being a bibliophile

I was very excited to get back to work on Monday morning and see a humongous pile of books just waiting to be read.  I was even MORE excited when I realized what books were in said humongous pile.  YA books galore!  My book senses started going into overload and I felt a bit like Data in “Thine Own Self“.

Among the new arrivals, I am happy to report are some killer titles that I think the boys and staff will really enjoy.  As per the theme this year, I am aiming for YA diversity and YAM (Young Adult Men).  I am currently reading two or three… or more of them, and will be doing reviews of these books shortly.




















We also received some new non-fiction in the areas of history, psychology and social science.  I will be taking a look at a few of them next week (after I’ve finished my fun reading!), but feel free to come into the library to ask about them.  These guys take me a lot longer to finish which is why there are not as many reviews up of non-fiction as there is of fiction.  Although this served me well when everyone came into the library to look for spring break, “I don’t want to think too hard”, literature.  From comments so far, I’m glad that everyone enjoyed their readings!


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