Sonya Sones

A Short Bio:

Sonya wasn’t always a writer.  She first gained her B.A. in film and photography, going on to teach at Harvard University.  Deciding that the academic life wasn’t quite for her, she moved to Hollywood where she worked as a film editor for many years after an unsuccessful stint as a personal assistant to a famous movie director.   Wanting to spend more time with family, and less time in a studio, Sonya began a small home business out of hand-painted baby shirts which admittedly have very cute dragons and rabbits on them.

Sonya’s first book came about after she enrolled in a poetry class at UCLA.  Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy would prove to be Sonya’s breaking out bestseller that has now made her a favourite among young readers.

The reason for this?

In addition to having a huge amount of humour in her writing, her books are written entirely in poem.  And not the poetry of Shakespeare either.  But funny, connected poetry that will make a book less intimidating when there is only about 50 words per page instead of 200 words per page.  She writes about events that everyone can relate to.  Teenage love, heartbreak and family squabbles.  There are also deeper messages within the stories that will make you stop and think… what if this was my story?

Sonya @ SGSS

We recently bought What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know for the boys.  Told from the point of view of Robin, a fifteen year old “loser” who finally has his dream girl fall for him… only for things to begin falling apart.  Is getting what you want actually worse than not getting it?  That’s the question that Robin must ask himself as his life as his high-school’s “Murphy” comes to mean less for him than his life at Harvard’s and the people that make up those two worlds begin to collide.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  I found that Sonya’s poetry is incredibly easy to read, and the poems can be read as a single page, or continuous.  Each poem is given a name in relation to its place in the story, allowing for continuous flow.

Definitely will be reading more!



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