The Graveyard Book

I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to read one of Neil Gaiman’s books.  I’m a bit embarrassed to tell the truth.  But at least it has finally happened.

I loved this book!  It was so… so… brilliant. A close parallel to The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, the story of Nobody Owens and his strange family of ghosts and other fantastic beings literally sucked me in.  I didn’t put it down until I had finished it.  My favourite character was Miss Lupescu, although she had a minor role in the story.

When Nobody first came to the Graveyard as a baby after having escaped death at the hands of The Man Jack,  he is given freedom to come and go through the crypts and gates.  But he cannot leave, and neither can the ghosts.  So Nobody is given into the material care of Silas, a man who is not of the living or the dead but can be in both worlds.  For a time, Nobody is happy to wander the Graveyard and play with his ghostly friends.  But children grow up, and as they grow so does their curiousity.

But outside the Graveyard holds dangers that Nobody is unprepared for.  Can Nobody make a life for himself in the world of the living?  Or will he become a permanent resident of the Graveyard when The Man Jack finally catches up with him?

I won’t tell you how the story ends (although any looby can probably figure it out).  Gaiman’s imagination is epic and I cannot wait to start reading Coraline which has been sitting on my “should read” shelf for the last month.

Other Important But Boring Info!

1. Reading Time: 1.5 hours

2. Rating: 5/5

3. Re-readability: 5/5 (I really do love this book)

4. Price: Chapters- $8.99/ Kobo- $5.59/ Amazon- $7.99 USD/ Kindle- $5.59 USD

Check out Neil’s site HERE to listen to Gaiman read the book a chapter at a time.  Some authors you think, “Wow, he really shouldn’t read aloud.”  Gaiman isn’t like that I promise.


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