Coffee, cookies, and Sir Ken on stage… life is be-a-utiful

Last night I was lucky enough to score a ticket to an impromptu (at least for me!) presentation by Sir Ken Robinson at Mulgrave School. As I have only ever watched any of his presentations on the “interwebs”, I was incredibly excited to go see him live.  Listening to him speak is absolutely inspiring every time!  As quite a few of the people in the audience (and here I’m just extrapolating from the few I’d spoken to) hadn’t read his book, The Element, I felt that it was a good introduction to the subject of creativity (right brain (R) directed thinking) within our culture of standardization and logic (left brain (L) directed thinking). For those of us who had read the book before hand and had watched many of his prior presentations, it was a wonderful review of his arguments with some new examples.

One thing that Sir Ken discussed was the population growth over the last century, and how it will affect our cultures.  It was interesting to hear his views of the problems that we will face as the Earth becomes more “crowded”.  And what this is referring to is not that the world is going to run out of landmass for everyone to fit on, but it will (and is) run out of necessary resources such as drinkable water, farm land (food), and fuel (which we rely heavily on).  I won’t go into more about this as I think the recommendation that Sir Ken gave is more… knowledgeable about this subject than myself.  If you are interested in learning more about overpopulation and the problems that arise from this, watch Sir David Attenborough’s documentary titled, How Many People Can Live On Earth.

Overall it was a wonderful evening, and it was awesome to see so many parents, teachers, and school board members together to listen to this man.  Here’s to hoping that when schools begin looking at their strategic plans across the world, that they think of Sir Ken and the revolutionary ideas he puts forth for education.

Here is the RSA Animate’s adaptation of a speech that Sir Ken gave.  I know I posted earlier with this video, but it is seriously amazing and should be watched multiple times!



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