Kindle Woes

I love my Kindle to pieces.  I’m a space limited bookaholic, which is why I switched from my beloved paper books to e-books in the first place.  And while I miss having the actual book in my hand, the convenience of an e-reader is just to… convenient.  I can carry 3,500 hundred books in my purse! I can shop while on the bus and it’s delivered within seconds! I’m in book heaven! And this is why all of my friends have had to sit through a 10 minute love rant on why Kindle is amazing and I’ll never want to use another e-reader.

I really hate eating crow.

As someone who thinks a great time involves spending hours browsing books in the local (or commercial depending on how picky you want to be) bookstore, I was bound to come across the new release Juliet by Anne Fortier while I was killing time in Chapters.  After reading 4 chapters in store, I was excited to get home and download it to my Kindle so that I could finish it!  The scene that followed went something like this:

(Me at home with Kindle) “Come on, come on, load already… yes!”

(sits down with the Kindle in front of the climbing gear) Okay…(typing furiously on the little keyboard)… hmm, maybe I spelled it wrong. Let’s try this…(typing again)… oh come on!”

(jumps up in frustration and runs to the computer) “Maybe it’s too new? (typing furiously) WHAT!!! NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA!!???” (grabs ice-ax from wall and advances on the helpless Kindle…)

That’s right.  Not available in Canada.  And it isn’t just that one.  I was also hoping on buying Trudi Canavan’s latest book The Ambassador’s Mission electronically as I have bought all the rest of her books.  And Juliet Marillier’s latest book in her Sevenwaters series, Seer of Sevenwaters.  ALL UNAVAILABLE IN CANADA.

I know that this has been ranted about in previous discussions.  I believe that there is even a facebook page dedicated to irate Kindle owners from Canada who can’t get their books.  I also realize that this is not entirely Amazon’s fault… but really??? I can get the rest of the series on my Kindle but not the latest books??? This is going to make me hesitant to buy anymore books that are part of a series, or an author I really enjoy… which pretty much leaves me with all the books I bought the Kindle for in the first place.

So.  I have two options.  I can either live with it and wait until the day that they MAY come available… or I can go buy another e-reader… one that maybe allows me to borrow books from the public library as well?  I guess I will be heading to Chapters tonight… I need to finish that book, maybe on my new Kobo e-reader.  I just hope the new home-made, ethically sourced (whatever that really means) case I bought for my Kindle will fit the latest generation of Wi-Fi Kobo readers!



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  1. For me I still think it is a good time for me to buy it at that time because Ive already enjoyed the convenience it brought me these few months. I dont think touch screen of Sony PRS600 is a benefit because quite a lot of people comment that it is glare compared to screen of the Kindle.

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