A classic case of “I really don’t want to read this…”

I really didn’t want to read…

I love reading.  In fact, I have a private collection of around 300 books that didn’t make it to my weeding pile last spring where I got rid of another 200.  I’ve seen less books in some public high schools in the Cariboo (rural schools mostly).  But I’m like everyone in that sometimes… I just don’t want to read anything that can be remotely called literature.

I’ve been meaning to read and do a short review of The Geographer’s Library by Jon Fasman, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, and another one that is in the category of “I can’t remember the title right now, but it is sitting on my shelf at home”.  Basically, for the whole week, I procrastinated.  I read everything but what I was meaning to (I think I re-read Dragonsong 4 times!).  I re-read books that I didn’t even like(Sorry Pi, but I still don’t like you)! How silly is that??

So what I’m hoping to accomplish by posting about my lack of motivation is that I’ll be more… motivated(?) to read these books.  Because they do sound interesting.  And getting out of your comfort zone is important to do every now-and-then.  And really, when you post about books, you’re pushing people to think beyond their comfort level as well.  So here’s to less comfort, more adventure, and (hopefully) less procrastination. Although I believe that I’m procrastinating now…


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