Sugata Mitra and collaborative education

As I have been thinking about group learning and how it impacts individual performance, as you can probably guess from my last post, I was incredibly lucky to stumble upon Sugata Mitra and his experiments in education also known as the one of them being the Hole-in-the-Wall experiment.

While the videos are quite long, I highly recommend finding a quiet place and dedicating the 38 minutes needed to listen to this man talk… and then taking another 10 minutes to digest what he has shown you.  I love how he has realized the importance of group learning vs. individual learning in regards to changing educational styles. More I love the fact that he thinks that teachers who can’t teach shouldn’t teach.  The kids learn better on their own in those instances as long as they are in a group!  That is a pretty powerful message for today’s education system.

This second video is an older talk that Mitra gave at LIFT 2007 in Geneva.

Check out how Hole-in-the-Wall is doing and more about it at

Follow Sugata Mitra at his blog


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