Bloody Mystery

Registration has begun for the Bloody Words 2011 being hosted in Victoria BC in June.  Now, I don’t know much about this event, but I thought it deserved a mention here on the blog as two of the guest speakers have been guest speakers here at St. George’s.

The Bloody Words 2011 is Canada’s annual gathering of mystery authors and readers.  The event hosts two guests of honour, one Canadian and one International.  This year’s Canadian guest of honour is Micheal Slade, author of Red Snow, a gory novel about pre-Olympics Whistler.  This book received chillingly (pun definitely intended) awesome reviews from The Globe and Mail,  Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, and the National Post… just to name the few Canadian papers that loved it. I have yet to read this book.

Laurie R. King, author of The God of the Hive and numerous other titles is the International guest speaker who hails from California. Again, like Micheal Slade, I have yet to read any books by this author (as I’ve been focusing on YA Fiction… I know, no excuse) but I will be checking my Kindle as soon as it is charged to download The God of the Hive if it is available.

William Deverell is a local guest speaker.  I have read some of his books and highly recommend them.. my favourite so far being April Fool.

So, if you are a lover of who-dun-its and plot twists… or should I say devotee… make sure you check out the Bloody Words 2011 website for more info and registration.



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