My Kind of People

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks was pure nirvana for the book lover’s soul.  There are really no words for how wonderful this book was to read. The story was well developed with characters who drew you into their lives.  You will lose yourself in this book.  You will experience the joy, sorrow and horror of each character as they struggle to keep their faith amidst intense persecution and prejudice.

The story follows Hannah Heath, a rare book expert who has been offered the job of a lifetime: she will be in charge of analyzing and conserving the Sarajevo Haggadah.  Priceless and beautiful, the book is one of the earliest Jewish volumes ever to be illuminated with images.  As her work on the book progresses, Hannah discovers tiny artifacts within the Haggadah’s binding – an insect wing, a white hair, salt crystals and wine stains.  These are the key to unlocking the book’s exquisite and sometimes brutal past.  From the Inquisition of the Catholic Church to the Bosnian War, this book has been protected from destruction by the people who place books, and the knowledge they hold, above all else… even their lives.  As Hannah learns more about the Haggadah, she is swept into the lives of the People of the Book.

[From the jacket] Inspired by a true story, People of the Book is a novel of sweeping historical grandeur and intimate emotional intensity – an acclaimed and ambitious work from a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

Other boring but important info!

Reading time:  5-6 hours minimum

Rated: 5/5

Re-readability: 5/5 – I borrowed this from the school library… but I will definitely be buying a copy for myself!

Price: Chapters Store – $15.00 CAD/ Kindle – $9.99 USD/ Kobo – $10.89 CAD



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