Halloween Reading

There are a ton of books out there that are great for Halloween, but I can’t lie… I rarely read the “classic” Halloween stories (except for Poe!).  Instead, I find that the books that really start shivers up and down the spine are those that I can easily relate to through setting or language.  Some are full of vamps and ghosts while others are more psychological thriller.  Here is a short list of the books that are on my Halloween “to read” list!

  • Death’s Door by Michael Slade
  • Inheritance by Steven Savile
  • Children of the Vampire by Jeanne Kalogridis
  • Harry and the Pirates by Brian Lumley
  • Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
  • Salem’s Lost by Stephen King (actually… anything by Stephen King. His stories are downright scary!)
  • Ghost Stories of Canada by John Robert Colombo
  • The Mummy Congress by Heather Pringle (I’ve already read this… and it’s not a horror story… but it’s so interesting that I want to re-read it!)
  • City of the Dead by Sharon Stewart
  • Ripper by Michael Slade

Anyone want to suggest any other “modern” stories or authors of horror?


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