Author of the Month – Edgar A. Poe

With Halloween quickly approaching, it really couldn’t have been anyone else… except maybe H.P. Lovecraft.  Edgar A. Poe has long been a favourite author and poet of mine in the genre of horror.  And if you’ve been into the library this week, you can probably take a good stab at what my favourite poem is.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809, Poe and his two siblings were adopted by John Allan after the death of Poe’s parents.  A wealthy merchant, the Allans moved to England in 1815, taking the Poe children with them.  Poe moved back to the U.S. in 1820 where he attended the University of Virginia for a short time before joining the army.  It would be a long two years for Poe who published his first book at his own expense.

In 1845, Poe published the poem that would make him a household name.  The Raven was probably Poe’s greatest success during his life for this reason.  However, while he gained international fame, he did not become rich.  The poem only earned him $9.00.

The Raven is still one of Poe’s more popular pieces of work in my opinion.  And if you need convincing of this, check out the first Halloween special of the Simpsons.  This is an excellent narrative of the poem and one of my favourite versions.  Below is the audio clip from that episode. Spooktacular!


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