On The Farm by Stevie Cameron

Although in 2000 Willie Pickton still cruised the streets of the Downtown Eastside, he wasn’t bringing many women back to the farm.  And fewer women were disappearing.  In 1997, the worst year, thirteen women disappeared.  In 1998 there were eleven; in 1999, when Willie realized that he was under surveillance, there were four.   But women in the Downtown Eastside were terrified and the lower number for 1999 was no comfort.  Their friends had been disappearing for years and years; the official estimate was now acknowledged to be thirty-one, but they all knew it was much higher.

That is an excerpt from Stevie Cameron’s latest book on the Pickton murders, On The Farm.   But instead of focusing entirely on Pickton’s trial, this book focuses on Pickton’s early years as well Pickton’s victims.  The women who are still missing, those who have been “found”, and the families and friends they left behind.  Stevie Cameron takes us into the Downtown Eastside community and Pickton’s farm in her quest for answers.  Are women now safer?  Will law enforcement now be quicker to act when a woman goes missing? And how did so many first-degree murder charges end up as only six?

We have just recently brought this book in so if you want to place a hold on it, come into the library and talk to one of the library staff, or set up your library account and place the hold online.

If you are interested in other works or projects that Stevie Cameron is currently involved in, click here to see her website.


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