Author of the Week – Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins has made a splash in the young adult literary world.  In 1991 she began her career in writing by penning scripts for children’s television shows.  In 2003 she was inspired to write children’s books herself.  Her first series was inspired by Alice in Wonderland… but much more modern and pertinent for youth these days.  With scenes of New York City instead of the countryside, and the manhole instead of the rabbit hole, Gregor the Overlander (first book in the series) quickly made the New York Times besteller list.  But the books that have won her the spotlight for people of all ages are the books of The Hunger Games trilogy.

Suzanne Collins’ writing is great in that the language is simple enough for youth to understand and connect with, allowing kids read without interruption.  There is nothing more annoying for a teen than being forced to read a book where every fifth word is a lesson in English!  And she gets the job done in engaging kids to actually read more than a blurb off of SparkNotes.  We all know that teens don’t actually read the entire version of Pride and Prejudice or Moby Dick.

The Hunger Games was received well by critics (including Stephen King and Stephanie Meyers who gushed over these books!) and has sold over 800,000 copies in 26 languages.  In 2008, Suzanne Collins won the 2008 Cybil Award for fantasy and science-fiction.  Here, Suzanne Collins gives an interview about her book, Mockingjay.  It also includes an interview with Jonathan Franzen on his new book Freedom, which we have just ordered in for the library.



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  1. Brilliant blog, I hadn’t come across previously in my searches!
    Continue the good work!

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