The Tiger by John Vaillant

In his latest book, John Vaillant takes the reader to the taiga of Russia’s Far East, a vast boreal forest, where, in the winter of 1997, a man eating Siberian tiger is on the loose outside a remote village.  Vaillant documents the death of one such poacher, Vladimir Markov, then others.  He follows a warden named Yuri Trush who tracks the tiger with a team of men and dogs on foot through the forest in the severe cold.   The story also provides the frame in which the tiger fits into the ecosystem of the taiga and how the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of China have brought new tensions to both the tiger and human populations.

So… that is a brief summary for this book.  Below is an  amazing YouTube video of John Vaillant himself explaining a bit more about the book.


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