Chairs- The mission to save them

Chairs are important in our world.  Think about it.  How often do you actually stand throughout the day?  How often do you sit?  What are you sitting on? Probably not the ground.  Probably something that is raised off of the ground… has 2-4 legs… and a back rest… I’m going to say that it is a chair!

Surprisingly, the chair has a fairly extensive history in our world dating back to the Egyptians.  Chairs have been used as a symbol of power, such as a throne,  and continue to hold importance to our political systems.  Even in households chairs hold a certain symbolism that is hard to ignore.  The head chair at the dinner table, the rocking chair, the swing.  A chair then becomes more than a chair, it becomes the memory of grandma rocking in the chair, or of family dinners when you’re away at college.  The wood soaks up these experiences and holds them for us.  I still have a rocking chair that my great grandmother used and passed down.  It has rocked many a whiny child to sleep.

Students ask me why they can’t lean in their chairs after I’ve asked them not too.  Valid question.  When you lean back on the two back legs of the chair, you’re affecting the integrity of the joints.  You also force your weight to be distributed along only two points rather than the four that it was designed with.  To me, this makes sense.  Leaning in the chair breaks it and when you break it it can no longer be used.  Over the last year, my “Save the Chairs” campaign has saved the usage of a few chairs.  But they are still on the endangered list.  To help me save the library chairs… don’t lean in them.


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