Sci-fi on the menu anyone?

Science fiction is a special genre within fiction.  It can cover a large range of topics and allows the writer and reader to put their imagination into good use.  However, I find myself lacking in the science fiction genre when it comes to knowledge.  Sure, I know about the “classic” science fiction.  But for the most part… I have to be pretty desperate to make it through Huxley’s entire book. And over the years (especially since I don’t have to worry about doing book reports on them) I’ve just let my science fiction classics collect dust and completely avoided the entire section at Chapters.  Seriously, I don’t even look at it when I walk by.  I’ve realized that this could be a career problem.  As in I could spend the rest of my academic and working life looking at people who mention any sci-fi book with that blank stare I seem to have mastered.  According to booky friends and employees of Chapters, it’s quite scary to see me go from animated to zombie in less than one blink.  I definitely have to change that.  Which is why Marc has shown me this wicked blog called i09.  Really cool blog about science fiction and other assorted things. On here, they have done all of my work for me in figuring out which books I really need to read to bring my sci-fi knowledge up to speed by creating an uber list.  Take a look (I definitely have), make some notes, argue with them a bit, and then start reading!


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