What book character would you be?

I would definitely be Alice.  She is such a strong, independent female protagonist that my feminist heart almost bursts with pleasure.  Alice doesn’t require the help of a fairy god-mother or a male character to navigate through Wonderland.  All she needs is her own wits and ingenuity.  In order to fit into Wonderland, she eats and drinks different potions until she finds the right combination that allows her to be the same size as the rest of Wonderland.  This is a strong message not only for young girls, but also for young men as they also feel the pressure of society to look a certain way in order to fit in. Alice’s character also seems to follow the old adage that “nice guys finish last”.  In order to get anywhere, Alice has to learn a balance between passiveness and aggression.  She’s not mean, but she’s not going to let herself be pushed over by anyone.  She has her own ideas and thoughts and doesn’t just take what others say at point value.  She has to investigate and see for herself before she’ll fully believe in something.  And she has little respect for those that distort or hide the truth in order to fulfill their own motives.  She calls them out, all the while growing from the size that she became in order to fit into Wonderland into her natural size.  This shows how Alice has grown psychologically and emotionally as well.  She no longer feels the need to fit into Wonderland’s expectations.  She is her own person.  Fantastic!


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