The Sword of Albion- Pick of the Week

This book was not what I was expecting.  I’m a bit jaded when it comes to stories that involve the Fae or the “Fair Folk”, mostly because authors make them into cute, harmless creatures.  Mark Chadbourn’s Fae are anything but.  They’re brutal killers, set against mankind in a deadly war.  In the middle is Will Swyfte, a spy employed by Queen Elizabeth to hunt the Fae and learn their secrets.

The book started off fast paced, but without much background information.  In fact, for the first few chapters at least, you become a bit lost.  Will Swyfte what?  Who is Jenny, and how does she fit into the plot (after all, she’s mentioned quite a bit).  What is the plot? But don’t be put off because it eventually does work itself out.  Just have to have a little bit of patience with a capital P.  Overall the story was good.  Especially after we learn more about the Unseelie Court.  It’s really quite interesting how the author has turned the Fae from a local (English, Irish, Scottish) pest into a group that has considerable political power internationally.  They’re behind King Philip’s attack on England, they’re in Russia, in the New World.  It’s definitely a new twist on this period of history.


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