Writers, dead or alive, who I say “Kudos” to.

Not much I can say about this.  There are some writers who create epic stories that catch your attention for longer than 10 pages (the average number of pages I read before I decide if the book is a keeper), and then there are some authors that just… fail. This is my short list of those authors that are just awesome.

1. Anne McCaffrey – I’ve been reading Anne’s books for 11 years. That’s a long time to be rereading books.  I would probably faint in joy if I was ever to see her in person.

2. Nikolai Gogol – Come on… a man who can create a story about a nose that runs away and in the meantime begins posing as an officer.  How epic is that??

3. Micheal Ende – His book, “The Neverending Story”, was made into a  movie during the 80’s.  And while the movie is a little lacking (except for Falkor!), I can’t say the same for his book.

4. Dr. Seuss – We could have tea under a tree.

5. Cormac McCarthy- “The Road” was haunting.  I want to ask him why he wrote it.

I could put more.  But I really don’t want to overload you with amazing authors.  I want to see what authors you come up with.


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