To Be Brave

This weekend I was at the Squamish Mountain Festival (which was awesome) and had the good luck to secure tickets to the Big Wall Film night on Friday.  I didn’t really know who was going to speak other than Tommy Caldwell.  So I was pretty psyched when Royal Robbins took the stage to open the night for us!  Royal is a bit of a legend among climbers and to really understand why you should check out his book To Be Brave .  Starting with his childhood shenanigans of jumping trains and petty burglary, it shifts into describing how he successfully climbed and created many classic climbs on Yosemite’s El Capitan and Half Dome.  Even if you think people who climb sheer cracks are crazy, you’re bound to love the adventure within Royal’s book.



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2 responses to “To Be Brave

  1. Probably the most important question is this: Is Robbins’ book available in an edition that can easily be read on a rockface? It seems that that would be the best place to read it. No?

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